Safe-T-Nose photoluminescent stair edge nosing and step edge products are a fail-safe method of significantly improving the visibility of steps in any lighting condition. Our anti-slip stair nosings feature tread nosings for step edges that are ADA-compliant to promote better foot traction while reducing abrasion on stairs. Safe-T-Nose premium egress path marking products provide not only industry-leading visibility but also excellent longevity and reliability, all through non-hazardous, non-electrical materials.


For Concrete Filled Steel Pan Stairs


For Formed Concrete or Pre-Cast Treads


For Existing Treads


For Stair Manufacturers

Why Do You Need Photoluminescent Stair Nosings?

Stair nosings by themselves reinforce step edges to safeguard against wear. However, as an added safety feature, manufacturers design photoluminescent stair nosing strips to absorb artificial or natural light and then illuminate egresses or other pathways by glowing when the light source extinguishes, such as in cases of fire or electrical failure. Photoluminescent stair nosings help builders meet construction codes while enabling anyone exiting a space to do so safely without missing a stair and causing minor or even serious injury.

Safe-T-Nose photoluminescent stair nosings deliver various benefits vital to safely navigating stairs in any lighting condition. The advantages of using stair nosings include:

  • Durability. Our powder-coated or anodized aluminum stair nosings offer resistance to abrasion, increase hardness, and prevent corrosion. Anodized aluminum has an appealing appearance with a thick finish surpassed only by diamonds for hardness. 
  • Safety. The non-slip surface combined with our high-contrast Photo-Glo® photoluminescent material improve grip and low-light visibility considerably.
  • Indoor and outdoor capability. Our stair nosings are resistant to freezing and thawing, salt spray, UV light, and weathering, making them ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications. They are also easy for users to clean.
  • Environmental friendliness. Safe-T-Nose stair nosings are qualified for LEED points, have no disposal costs, and are recyclable.

installing stair nosing

Why Choose Safe-T-Nose for Your Step Edge Marking/Nosing Needs?

Photo-Glo® comes standard on each of our perimeter marker, railing, and nosing products. It provides high visibility and is easy to clean. It is composed of the same durable plastic material as golf balls and comes with our 25-year glow warranty. Photo-Glo® exceeds International Fire Code (IFC) and International Building Code (IBC) requirements, providing approximately 50% additional light after the 90-minute standard timeframe to give building inhabitants more time to safely exit an area.

Safe-T-Nose is a supplier of the following step edge markings and nosings:

  •     Pour-in-place products for concrete-filled steel pan stairways (STNP and STNC3)
  •     Cast-in-place stair nosings for pre-cast treads or formed concrete (STNC, STNC3, and S9203PM)
  •     Surface-mount options for pre-existing stair treads (STNR or individually packaged nosings)
  •     Shop-applied materials for stair manufacturing companies (STNRS)

We specially design our STNP, STNC, and STNC3 products for steel pan stairs, using nosing assembly clips that mount onto the return lip of the stairs. A unique feature for Safe-T-Nose, they allow installers to position the nosing just prior to pouring a concrete stair nosing. The products also include patented construction covers to reduce labor and expenses while ensuring that step edges remain in excellent condition.

These recyclable construction covers will protect your new egress path markings from wear during construction or spatter during painting. While competitors offer labor-intensive and complex multi-piece step edge markings or use duct tape that is frustrating to remove, we offer our patented covers to eliminate the extra work at no additional cost. Our construction covers leave your stair nosings looking like new.


photoluminescent stair nosing/edge markingContact Safe-T-Nose for Premium Egress Path Marking Solutions

Photoluminescent stair nosings are critical in ensuring that your steps are visible in the dark and provide excellent grip while safeguarding steps against abrasion and wear. Whether you are adding stair nosings to an existing structure or need them for new construction, Safe-T-Nose products are easy to install and keep clean, with washable Photo-Glo® plastic and our premium construction covers. 

Safe-T-Nose step edge markings surpass the industry-standard illumination time to comply with IFC and IBC regulations, along with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) codes. With applications in schools, sports arenas, industrial parks, and more, our egress path markings are also some of the most durable. We stand behind our products, which is why we offer them with a 25-year glow warranty. 

Safe-T-Nose is a one-stop solution made possible by a team with over 30 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing stair systems throughout the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our premium egress path marking and nosing solutions.