The Importance of Photoluminescent Egress Signage

Egress signage is important for creating a safer environment in a wide variety of facilities, including high-rise buildings, hospitals, arenas, hotels, apartments, and more. This type of building signage enables people of all abilities to exit buildings safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency. Photoluminescent egress markings create a glow-in-the-dark guidance to increase visibility in stairwells and other spaces for emergency evacuations. Additionally, photoluminescent signs also accelerate the entry of first responders.

At Safe-T-Nose, we offer a selection of self-luminous egress signs and markings that are UL-certified and IBC/IFC-compliant, providing a clearly identifiable path if a power outage takes place.

glow in the dark emergency door signagePhotoluminescent Directional & Exit Signs

Photoluminescent directional and exit signs help illuminate the direction and location of travel to the final exit doors if light sources are not functioning. Egress path markers are ideally installed in a seamless, continuous manner along the escape routes of an egress stairway. Safe-T-Nose’s photoluminescent products can remain visible in the dark for as long as 24 hours after ordinary light sources fail.

Unlike electrical light sources, photoluminescent products will not fail. They function by absorbing energy from nearby light sources and discharging the energy in the form of a visible glow. Ultimately, these products can significantly reduce the risk of trip and fall accidents while improving evacuation times. 


Installing Exit & Directional Signs

Facilities need to have directional signs in every area where it’s not immediately clear where the nearest exit door is located. Photoluminescent signs from Safe-T-Nose feature clear markings that indicate the direction in which people should travel, improving the safety and speed of egress regardless of lighting conditions. They’re easy to install using a simple peel and stick method.

The following are some of the specific products offered at Safe-T-Nose and the basic steps for installing them.


DRML / DRMR Running Man Installation

running man sign door installation

Final exit doors must be marked with a low location luminous exit “running man” sign. Centered on the final exit door, no higher than 18” from the floor. To install these, you simply need to clean the installation surface area to remove any grease, dirt, or particulate using a clean dry cloth. Once the surface is clean and dry, you can simply peel the sign from its backing and apply it to the installation surface.


DAD / DAS Directional Arrow Installation directional signange

Depending on their installation location in relation to an exit, directional arrows can point either diagonally or straight in the direction of the final exit door. Arrows are recommended to be used in combination with a running man symbol to indicate where people should travel to reach the exit. To install these, you simply need to clean the installation surface area to remove any grease, dirt, or particulate using a clean dry cloth. Then peel the sign from the backing before applying it to the surface.


EXIT Sign Installation

exit sign installation

The EXIT sign clearly indicates where an exit door is located once reached. You can surface mount these signs directly above the door or near the floor beside the door. You also have the option to mount them to the ceiling near the door or on the wall beside it. 



Code Compliance

All of our photoluminescent signs are compliant with International Building Code (IBC) 2009, 2012, and 2015, along with the International Fire Code (IFC). They are also UL 1994-listed and undergo frequent testing for quality assurance. All products are non-electrical and non-hazardous with optimal reliability and longevity. Regardless of whether a power outage or fire occurs, our signage will remain highly visible.

Safe-T-Nose’s egress path marking systems are ideal for installation in both new construction and existing buildings, exceeding all code requirements including:

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At Safe-T-Nose, we offer a wide range of high-quality egress signage solutions suitable for various buildings and applications. To learn more about our egress marking systems and other products, contact us today.